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Hana Tefrati is a choreographer, dancer, installation artist and artistic director.

She is a Moroccan - German artist, based in Marrakesh since 2013 where she curates

international residency programs, art events and founded the Queens Collective in 2012.

After her graduation from the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) / Dance Academy in Arnhem, Netherlands in 2006 she has worked internationally with several artists and choreographers. She was awarded the Dance Web Scholarship in 2011 and worked with Tino Sehgal during the Documenta13.

The project Maroc Artist Meeting (MAM) which she founded in 2012 became a partner project of the Marrakesh Biennale 2016.

In 2014 Hana Tefrati established Priscilla Queen of the Medina, an art and social community house and home of the Queens Collective. As artistic director she runs multiple projects, residencies and events in this space.

Though she is currently devoted to create new spaces for experimental movement research in Marrakesh she continues to perform and dance internationally and teach improvisational based dance. Hana Tefrati is known for embracing improvisation and intuition in any of her creative process as well as for her community based art projects, connecting international artists with communities around the world.

Hana Tefrati - artistic director

Jassem Hindi - coordination and artistic assistance

Born in Saudi Arabia, studied philosophy at the Sorbonne, Paris.

Performer and sound maker, his work extends internationally, involving mostly

politically engaged work and the study of strange objects.

As a musician, he is using mainly broken machines and lo-fi field recordings, in the spirit of experimental music.

In 2016 he has participated in the writing, performing and sound making of collaborative / shared authorship pieces: Murder Dance (last dates: Cork, Zodiak Helsinki), future friend/ships (last dates: KPNGL Hamburg, AR New York), Turbulence (last dates: Black Box Oslo, HAU Berlin) and Zombies (last dates: Fringe Dublin, CP San Francisco).

This year, among others, he collaborated with Lara Kramer, Keith Hennessy, Ruairi Donovan, Cathy Walsh, Angela Schubot, Hana Erdman, Rani Nair, Keyon Gaskin and Mia Habib.

He is the recipient of several grants and residency programs along with his partners, supported by Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, and the U.S.A.

He also teaches various workshops about sound, performance and theory.

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