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Queens Collective is a multidisciplinary arts, community and residency space in Marrakech.
Queens Collective is a safe space for Queens [and for those who want to become one] and for collectivity.

QC is an ever shifting ever molding space for local artist and community activities and a residency space for international artists.

QC offers a platform for performance and multidisciplinary artists, both emerging and established to explore, exchange and create work.  

QC offers shared and communal living space, ateliers and a studio for dance and performance research and choreography.

QC bridges international and local artists by offering a series of different residencies independently or in collaboration with other institutions.

QC fosters artistic growth and collaboration in a creative, supportive and safe space.

QC invites regulary its very divers audience to exibitions, performances, cinema nights, drad karaoke, concerts, lectures, ....

QC happily invests in the procedure of discombobulating the process of sense making.

QC believes in the transformative power of the arts and artistic exploration to foster care, lightness, empowerment, life and beauty while integrating freedom and responsibility.

QC is unapologetically celebrating messiness as a positive tool of destabilizing rigid structures and disturbing the process of defaulting into a mechanical institutional function.

QC does not try to apply to western standards of a culture institute, such as the black box theater or the white cube gallery. Rather we wish to ignore these dichotomous terms of function, and by attentive to all different couleurs on the spectrum of facilitating an art space.

QC stands for gender equality, female empowerment and the engagement of marginalized communities through cultural activism.

QC is run by artists of different backgrounds, promoting social transformation through artistic, cultural and educational programs.

QC shifts and transforms its physical shape as it also shifts in content letting it be where it needs to be.

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