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open call

open call

Neue Nähe / New Poximity

hybrid collaboration research residency program

(digital and in-house)


2 months residency                                                   1 December 2021 - 30 January 2022

Wanna apply ?                                                              application deadline 26 October 2021

for individual artists working in the field of contemporary dance, performance art, or interdisciplinary live art

In the framework of our new project ‘new proximity,’ we are offering a hybrid collaboration/research residency for 6 artists who will work for 2 months (dec and jan) researching and exploring collectively the different dimensions and approaches of TOUCH. 


Therefore we are looking for three artists based in Morocco to be in-house residents and three international artists to be online residents from December 1st, 2021 to 30th January 2022. 


This residency program is a pilot project exploring online and hybrid residencies, aiming to create connections and bonds the absence and presence of physical proximity. 

Queens Residencies always emphasized and highlighted community life and collectivity. Now we need to learn how to translate the qualities of communal living into a digital reality. The invited artists will be key to this learning process as they will be the once able to experiment with different forms of new proximity and share their experience. Through scheduled online sessions the QUEENS COLLECTIVE will support this process.


One of the specific objectives of this call is to find new ways of collaboration and digital experimentation in the field of performance art, dancemaking and interdisciplinary live art.

Another objective is to use what we learn to produce a toolbox for online performance making.


Artists should be open to experiment with new ways of collaborating and exploring. We welcome applicants with a performance practice - for example, dance and movement - as well as expanded practices of live art forms including but not limited to painting, sound, sculpture, digital practice, interactive art etc.

The residency will consist of scheduled online sessions and self-directed research, exploration and collaboration. In general, there will be two official scheduled zooms per week + regular chances for mentorship, and social networks to connect outside of these times. The in-house residents will get full access to QUEEN’s brand new dance and performance studio and editing suite. This includes but is not limited to, a dance floor area and a fully equiped video editing studio with a PC, a digital camera, projectors, sound recorders etc. The local artists will be introduced to video and sound editing. The online residents are expected to use their own equipment throughout and have experience in online techniques of performance making and using this editing program.


Over the course of the two-month residency we expect all artists to be committed to the research and the collaboration with the other artists and explore TOUCH in all its dimensions. The artists should create a presentation of their exploration. At the end of the residency (28 January 2022) there will be a public presentation of the collective work which will be shown online and in the Queens Dance Studio. There are no limits as to what format this takes, only that each resident must be involved.


Each artists will receive a €300 bursary for taking part in this residency (paid in 2 installments) and the group will have access to a €600 materials budget. 


The common communication language is English.

residency dates

from 1. december 2021 to 30. january 2022

Residency details in focus:

In-house residents 


what QUEENS provides for you:


x 2 months free accommodation in a private room at QUEENS Collective Marrakech 

x full access to the dance and performance studio and editing squint

x workshop sessions on how to use equipment and software such as sound or video editing 

x chance to collaborate with two other in-house artists and three international artists 

x artistic mentorship

x €300 bursary and access to a materials budget 


The selected resident will...


x stay and QUEENS Collective Marrakech for the two full month  

x be open-minded and willing to experiment with new ways of art-making

x be open to collaborating with all other residents 

x commit to self-directed project work outside of scheduled sessions

x create collectively a final presentation of the exploration

x be able to work in English 


Online residents 


What QUEENS provides for you


x chance to collaborate digitally with five other artists 

x regular online sessions 

x artistic mentorship 

x €300 bursary and access to a materials budget 


The selected resident will...


x be open-minded and willing to experiment with new ways of art-making

x attend all scheduled sessions with your camera on and a willingness to participate where possible.

x be open to collaborating with other residents 

x commit to self-directed project work outside of scheduled sessions

x work with others to produce a final presentation of the work

x be able to work in English 


Notice for in-house applicants only  


The QUEENS provides a beautiful 3-floor riad in the Medina of Marrakech which includes 6 single rooms, a dance studio (where once was a patio), an open-air stage, a green terrace, a communal kitchen and open-air showers. QUEENS is a space that celebrates the DIY spirit. It is a communal living where you together share and take care of the common spaces.


The artists in residence will collectively organize themselves in the space regarding workspace, rooms and scheduling of shared meals, with strict consideration and care for the maintenance of the house and respect for each other.


Residents need to follow the operating rules of the space. In-house artists will sign a contract which will include house rules and terms and conditions.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

How to apply


please fill in this Google form here and send a presentention video (min3.min) to (a selfie video on your phone is fine!) 


To be considered, please fill in the form and send the video before Tuesday 26th October 2021. 


The outcome of the decision will be notified by Sunday 31st October 2021.


Funded by the International Relief Fund for Organisationsin Culture and Education 2021
of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and otherpartners.

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