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Hana Tefrati is a choreographer, performer, visual artist and curator.
She is a Moroccan-German artist, based in Marrakesh since 2013 where she curates international residency programs, art events since 2012 and founded the Queens Collective in 2014.
After her graduation from the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) / Dance Academy in Arnhem, Netherlands in 2006 she has worked internationally with several artists and choreographers. She was awarded the Dance Web Scholarship in 2011 and worked with Tino Sehgal during the Documenta13.
The project Maroc Artist Meeting (MAM) which she founded in 2012 became a partner project of the Marrakesh Biennale 2016.
In 2014 Hana Tefrati founded the Queens Collective, a multidisciplinary community art space in the old medina of Marrakech.
As artistic director she runs multiple projects, residencies and events in this space.
Though she is currently devoted to create new spaces for experimental movement research in Marrakesh she continues to perform and dance internationally and teach improvisational based dance.

Hana Tefrati is known for embracing improvisation and intuition in any of her creative process as well as for her community based art projects, connecting international artists with communities around the world.

Hana Tefrati

Siham Taflayout is a Moroccan creative social worker, an amazing cook and
live art artist. She has lived in Marrakech since 2008 and runs the cultural
guesthouse Priscilla Queen of the Medina. She gives creative cooking classes and
develops her work at the interface of cooking and performance.

Siham Taflayout

Laura Tack (b. 1988) is a Belgian painter, now living in Marrakech, Morocco. Tack’s work deals with the complexity between creation and destruction. This tension is also translated in Tack’s use of thick layers of mixed paint and concrete which she works onto the canvas with different tools. Building layer upon layer of dripping paint, thick strokes and overlapping abstractions, she tends to work on multiple canvases at the same time. Tack constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs on large scale canvases, letting the images show as she builds them up. Her practice doesn't want to be explained. Her paintings don't want to be explained. They want to be experienced. They want to exist, till it takes on a life on its own.
Laura Tack has a master degree in Fine Arts. 
She has been part of collectives since 2010. Since 2015 she has been freelance working as an art production assistant for several projects such as List I Ljosi in Seydisfjordur, Iceland;  Contour, Biennial of Moving Image Mechelen, Belgium and Lunga festival, Iceland. 
She has been a mentor for several art programmes in Iceland and Belgium and is the co-founder of the Queens Collective residency programme.
Laura Tack has exhibited in New York (USA), Ghent, Kortrijk (BE), Copenhagen, Skive (DE), Seydisfjordur (IS) and Marrakech (MO)

Laura Tack

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