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next open call september 2018

Tandem Residency–exchange programme
5 weeks Marrakech/Morocco 

5 weeks Cologne/Germany

application deadline : tba

There are two possible time slots:
1. slot   January 29 - March 4  (Marrakech) and March 12 - April 15 (Cologne)
2. slot   Mai 7 - June 10 (Marrakech) and June 18 - July 22 (Cologne)
please specify if you are available for time slot 1. or 2. or both


About the residency:



The bilateral program facilitates the encounter of one Moroccan and one German multidisciplinary artist with a high interest in cross-cultural exchange and the shared desire to research, work and reflect on individual and collective initiatives through artistic work as well as critical discussions.

This residency invites artists who are seeking to collaborate and reflect on their artistic work within different social and cultural contexts together with an artist from another discipline/culture and which are interested to open a dialogue concerning culture, art and working methods.

The artistic exchange requires the collaboration of both artists in both phases.
The reciprocal support in local and practical organization and networking is essential.

Applicants should have a good level of English and/or French, experience or/and clear ideas of collective processes and intercultural exchange. Site specific, performative, research based etc. working concepts, which offers a geographical flexibility, seem suitable in this transcultural context.






The exchange is divided into two phases:

(The presence of both artists during both phases is required)

Phase 1:

The artist from Cologne will be invited to Marrakech to live at Queens Collective Riad and work/exchange/research together with the artist based in Marrakech for 5 weeks. Disposition for full engagement in the QC community (collective cooking, living, discussing…) in the middle of the Medina is requested.
Phase 1 will be concluded with a public showing or talk about the actual research or work in progress.

(Please check out the QC webpage for more information)

The QUEENS COLLECTIVE is a community art space in Marrakech, Morocco. It is a multidisciplinary platform for emerging and established, international and local artists and a physical space where its members live, create and present their work. The Queens Collective is founded and run by artists of different backgrounds, promoting social transformation and productivity through artistic, cultural, and educational programs.

Phase 2:

The artist from Marrakech will be invited to Cologne to live at Quartier am Hafen and work/exchange/research together with the artist based in Cologne for 5 weeks. The living studio is implemented in a big studio house in the industrial area of Cologne. The surrounding is quite, the living situation more intimate. Phase 2 will be concluded with any kind of public showing or talk about the actual research or work in progress connected to Phase 1 in Marrakech.  (

Please check out the Quatier am Hafen webpage to get an impression)

The Quartier am Hafen is an artist studio house with 86 studios for visual art, media art, musicians, dancers, photographers, moviemakers, etc. It has a strong focus on artistic exchange and this residence program is one of the formats supporting artistic collaborations.
The Q18 is the exhibition space of the house which opens four times a year for a curated exhibition of external artists. Besides these four exhibitions the artists of the house can show their work there.


  • The visiting artist will be hosted in the residency space itself. Both will get a small production budget and a monthly remuneration.

  • Flights and Visa costs are covered.

  • The artists will have artist talks, work-in progress showings and a presentation of their work after each phase.

  • The artists should have a good level of English and/or French.

  • Artists which are living in the surroundings of Marrakech should make sure they have a place to live in Marrakech during their residency period.



Application form:

1. Motivation Letter (1 page)
- What drives you to apply to this programme?
- Do you have any experience in collective structures/collaborations?
- Do you have any experience intercultural exchange?
- Do you already know what you want to work on during the residency?

2. Short CV
- including age/nationality/languages/portrait
- It should show a professional artist work level / exhibition experiences

3. Actual Portfolio
online links and attached documentation PDF

4. Presentation Video
- please send us a short video (2-3min) of you presenting yourself. (selfi style with your mobile is absolutely fine)



The residency supports:

  • travel costs

  • material costs

  • remuneration for each phase

  • accommodation

  • working space

  • presentation space

  • PR (Public Relations)

  • Network support

(The amount of remuneration and other costs will be announced in December or after further enquiry)


Please send all materials to

The application deadline is 15th December 2017

The answer will be announced by the end of december 2017

For any questions please contact us at the same address

Former artists in residence at QQ residency



The exchange program is supported by the City of Cologne, Quartier am Hafen and Queens Collective.

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