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Born 1980 in Graz, Evamaria Schaller lives and works in Cologne as a Performance-, and Videoartist. She studied film in Salzburg and Prague (graduation 2006) and finished her studies in 2011 as a postgraduate student in Performance Art and experimental film at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.
She is a founder-member of PAErsche Aktionslabor for Performance Art in Cologne as well as of the artist-duo Jellyspoor with Andreas Gehlen, with whom she works site specific.
Her work has been shown amongst others in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, France, China, Spain and Poland.

Evamaria Schaller´s solo work oscillates between performance art, film and installation. She works with the medium film as a documentary instrument. In her video performances she uses the recordings to fragment the body into moving particles. In her live-Performances she deals with daily actions and its absurdity. Schaller´s own body is her reference point. In her examinations she reflects and intervenes with site specific conditions and creates actions or installations through simple, clear gestures. Free experiments and playful investigations are expressions of her own personality.

Born in 1981 in Tangier, Morocco, Simohammed Fettaka is a pluridisciplinary artist. He lives and works between Casablanca, Morocco and Paris,
France. A self-taught artist, in 2007 Fettaka enrolled in the Femis’s (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l’Image et Son) summer university program in Paris,
and in 2008 he founded the „Nachia Cinema festival“ in Tangier. He produces documentaries as well as experimental videos that question over and over
the relationships between representation, individuality and politics. In parallel with his filmmaking, he has worked a visual artist on photo series, collages as well as installations and performances, which are regularly exhibited internationally in numerous group exhibitions, e.g. at MuHKA Antwerpen, Centre Pompidou in Paris and Old Truman Brewery in London. In 2014,he participated in the 5th Marrakech Biennial as well as in the framework of „Des artistes dans la cité : l’art en travail (Artists in the Projects: Art at Work) at MuCEM in Marseille, France. In 2015, he directed and presented his first full-length film „Une vie mineure“, inspired by the German poet and philosopher Friedrich Hölderlin’s visit to Bordeaux, commissioned by the city of Bordeaux and overseen by Catherine David.

Simohammed Fettaka
Evamaria Schaller
The exchange program is supported by the City of Cologne, Quartier am Hafen and Queens Collective.
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