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Artist Gathering summer 2017 - Queens Collective Marrakech, Morocco 

July 7th - August 21st

Ex Nihilo - Out of nothing.

An artist must regulate its life

We rise at 7 something. There is silence.
We inspire from 8 until 10. We listen to each other. We listen to a piece of music.
Another bout of inspiration from 11 until 1. We work, write, chat and contemplate
We lunch some time after 1. From 3 until 7 there are various occupations;
fencing, reflection, visits, walks through the souks, laughter and silence
We cook and dine together at 7. We read for each other. Performances and improvised work happening from 9 until 10.
Wine and beer on the terrace at 11. Night activities until 2. We got to bed after 2.


An artist must regulate its life

We go to bed. We cook and dine together. Night activities. There is silence.
We work, write, chat and contemplate. We inspire. There are various occupations; fencing, reflection; visits; walks through the souks; laughter and silence. We read for each other.
We rise something. There is silence. Performances and improvised work happening.
We lunch some time. We listen to each other. Another bout of inspiration. Wine and beer on the terrace. We listen to a piece of music.

An artist must regulate its life

We lunch. We listen. Another bout. Wine and beer. Performances. We inspire. Night. There is. We work. We rise. We go. We cook. We read.

An artist must regulate its life

We. Another. Wine. Performances. There.

An artist must regulate its life


WE are a collective mind, a gathering, an entity of particles. Together we are. Together we become. From July 7th until August 21st 2017 at Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco.

A gathering of writers, painters, musicians and day to day creators, where we reinvent silence, create something from nothing and nourish existence.

We gather in Marrakech in order to learn from our surroundings, each other, to receive and give. There will be daily activities guided by every one of us. The being together will be shaped and formed through our collaborative mind. At the end of our gathering we will highlight our process, thoughts and beings through a ‘gesammtkunstwerk’ in whatever color, shape or form that comes within Queens Collective for the community and the collective.

Out of nothing; Ex Nihilo,

forms the base for the gathering and comes from the music composer György Ligeti.

Ex Nihilo is very much present in his composition Musica Ricercata.
Musica ricercata is a set of eleven pieces for piano by György Ligeti. This work captures the essence of Ligeti's search to construct his own compositional style ex nihilo.

Ex Nihilo is radical in its movement, composition and silence.
Ex Nihilo is a Latin phrase meaning "out of nothing".
When used outside of religious or metaphysical contexts Ex Nihilo also refers to something coming from nothing.

Something comes out from nothing. 

this is not an open call. we don't accept applications
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