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The application deadline is closed

Application deadline: 15th of November
Answer: 30th of November
Confirmation deadline from the artists: 20th of December latest.

We will consider the booking of the plane tickets are the proof of confirmation.

The selection is made by Hana Tefrati, Jassem Hindi, Anna Mülter, Valentina Desideri and we will consult with the rest of our team.


  • We will favor individual artists rather than duets or pre-made collectives.

  • Half of the artists will come from the Arab world + Iran.

  • English is the working language. Arabic is great. French helps.

  • You don’t need to send us a full project - it is a research residency and you’ll need to adapt to the context and the collective anyways. So full scale implementation of a project up to the little details won’t fly here. But in case you have any strong directions or ideas, or precise things you would like to try out, please let us know.


Application form:

  • A “motivation” letter to MAM - 2 pages
    Please include - but don’t limit yourself, to the following:
    What drives you to apply to this program? Have you participated to something like this before - do you have any experience in collective structures? Do you already know in which direction you want to develop your work next? (If not, don’t worry about it).

  • A short CV / Bio - we need country of residence, nationalities and age included

  • Documentation of your work (online links and attached documentation)

  • Something random. A book list, a map, a recipe, a song, a poem, a text, a dance clip video… anything. Short.

  • Scan of your passport


Financial support:

MAM does not provide financial support.
Once we the selection has been made, we will direct artists who need it towards some funding bodies, and provide you with a letter of invitation.
We provide food, sleep, water, internet, human resources, basic material.
The travel costs to the desert is covered by MAM.

Please send all materials to (email subject = your full name).

The application deadline is 15. November 2016 (12 pm Moroccan time).

For any questions please contact us at the same address.

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