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Queens Collective is a collective of artists
Queens Collective is a community art space in Marrakech.​
Queens Collective is a physical space where we host artists to create and share their work.​
Queens Collective is a meeting ground for emerging and established, local and international artists where exhibitions, encounters, performances, collaborations, workshops and social projects come together.​
Queens Collective hosts social projects, exchange programs and residency programs where artistic creation can blossom through collective being.

Queens Collective hosts a residency programme where the artists in residence work, experiment, live, discuss, eat and network for a period of 3 months in Marrakech, Morocco.

The residency programme is for multidisciplinary artists, particularly with social and critical art practices, that can engage local communities to reflect on feminist and gender-related topics in a postcolonial site-specific context.

The framework of the residency programme is partly created by the Queens Collective who offer fundamental guidelines, formed from our years of experience operating in the Marrakech Medina, and by the needs and aims of current artists in residence which are in constant flux. As an artist in residence you adapt and merge to the identity of Queens Collective.
Artists in residence can arrive and leave at any time during their residency ( with exception of the introduction week of the residency program )
Artists who are interested in living and working within a communal setting whilst fully engaging in the Moroccan culture and lifestyle are welcome to apply.
Being in residence at Queens Collective is not only about you as an artist, it is about you as an artist in Marrakech, Morocco.




QC provides a framework for a group of artists who are interested in living and working together for a long period of time in the Medina of Marrakech. 

QC residency programme is about creating a living and working environment where artists in residence and local visitors can intertwine.

QC provides a residency of 3 months.




3.1 Duration

The duration of the residency is 3 months.
For longer stay:
The visa regulation requires a stay up to 90 days, which means that a non-Moroccan has to leave the country after 3 months. It is possible to go to Melilla/Spain, which is still on the African continent. By crossing the border to Spain and entering Morocco again, your visa will be renewed for another 90 days. You can also take a ferry roundtrip Spain leaving from Tanger or take a plane to leave the country and come back.


3.2 Artists in residence

10 artists

It is possible to apply as an artist couple.

As an individual artist, partners cannot be included.

Artists with children are very welcome.

Pets are not allowed.


3.3 Working Language

The working languages are English, French and Arabic.


3.4 Expenses paid by Artists


Local transportations

Working material




3.5 Expenses paid by QC

Communication material (webpage, flyers,...)

Living space

Working spaces

Presentation spaces


3.6 Activities in the space

There are regular weekly dates for activities for the local community of Marrakech in which you are involved as part of the residency programme.


Every 1.5 months there is a public presentation to share individual, collaborative works and work in progress. These dates are fixed and not changeable. The public presentation takes place within Queens Collective.

3.7 Travel insurance

The artist must have his/her own travel and health insurance.

The artist must provide the name of a family member or friend to contact if an issue arises.


3.8 Price

All currency is in Moroccan Dirham


For international artists


Residency 3 months: 9.000,-

For local artists


Residency 3 months: 6.500,-

Quicky residency

please ask for price (

3.9 Payment

All payment must be transferred to a Moroccan account 3 months prior to starting the residency.

The payment is non-refundable at any point during and after the residency.



4.1 Location

The QC space is located in Azbezt 27, derb el feranne Medina Marrakech Morocco

4.2 The house

QC provides a beautiful 3-floor riad in the Medina of Marrakech. On the ground floor there are two big shared ateliers, 1 private atelier and 2 small flexible ateliers with moveable walls. The communal patio space is used for presentations and other activities for the local community. Beside a communal kitchen we also have a stove for the winter and a small library. On the first floor there are 4 shared sleeping rooms for two people each. And one private double room.
The second floor (terrace) includes gardening, plants, flowers and 2 turtles living space. On the terrace you will also find 3 open-air showers, an open-air dance space of 22 sqm and a workshop for tools and some materials to be recycled. The roof of the workshop serves as another small sunset terrace. 


4.2.2 Spaces

  • 4 shared rooms for 2 people (bed sheets and duvet are provided)

  • 1 twin bedroom for artist couples (bed sheets and duvet are provided)

  • 2 terraces

  • 3 showers

  • 3 toilets

  • Communal kitchen

  • 2 collaborative ateliers

  • 2 flexible individual ateliers with moveable walls

  • 1 individual atelier

  • 1 workshop with tools and basic materials

  • A large terrace with garden

  • Open air stage of 22 sqm

  • Open air patio

4.3 Resources

  • Basic internet connection

  • Basic workshop materials for children

  • Projector

  • Amplifier

  • 2 Microphones

  • Tools (hand and power tools)

  • Towels, bed sheets

  • Library

  • Washing machine


4.4 Working spaces

  • 1 Open air stage

  • 2 Collaborative ateliers

  • 2 Flexible individual ateliers with moveable walls

  • 1 individual atelier

  • Terrace

  • Workshop



5.1 Residency dates


3 months

start 1. september 2019

end 30. november 2019


Presentations :

october 2019 open studio

november 2019 exhibition


5.2 Food

Each artist is responsible for their own food and cooking.

Agreement for communal meals will be arranged and implemented by all the artists in residence.

5.3 Cleaning

5.3.1 Cleaning person

QC has a wonderful cleaning lady, Hanan, who will clean the communal areas once a week.

5.3.2 Cleaning by artists in residence

The artists in residence clean all private, working and sanitary areas on a daily basis.

The artists are responsible for the cleaning of:

Their clothes/bedsheets

Their dishes

Their rooms

Their working spaces

Everything used for personal matters

5.3.3 House

Everyone must leave the house in the same state they found it.

It is the responsibility of each artist in residence to fix what they break.


6.1 Provided by QC

Design, print and distribution of all the communication flyers.

Generating and organizing media coverage.

Generating social media events.

Representing each artist and their work on the Queens Collective website.

6.2 Provided by the artist

Few simple lines about himself/ herself and his/her work. It should be provided latest 2 months before the beginning of the residency.

A profile picture (credit should be mentioned)

Pictures and video of his/her work (credits should be mentioned).

ARTICLE 7 – AFTER the residency

7.1 Credits

The concepts and the work developed during the QC residency program have to be credited.

The work produced during the residency and is presented at other events etc. will need to mention QC as a partner on all supporting material (social media included) with following sentence:

“This work was initiated / produced in the frame of a residency program of Queens Collective Marrakech”


7.2 Tracks

The artists will have to provide a copy or a trace of their work produced during QC residency program for the archive of the Queens Collective


7.3 Final Reflection

After the residency, the artists will receive a survey with specific questions as well as free space to communicate a reflection. The writings are only for internal use and must be delivered within 2 months after the ending of the residency program.

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