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by Sofia Mavragani & Hana Tefrati


a workshop for everyone, in which our playful nature becomes the source of creativity

By Sofia Mavragani and Hana Tefrati

13.-17.12 // workshop 15h-18h17.12 // end performance


You have to be available for all the dates and the presentation.

Please confirm your participation in a privat message on fb.Only limited places available.


“You can't stop the future You can't rewind the past The only way to learn the to press play.” ―Jay Asher

PlayforMARRAKECH is another stop of playforPLACE: an innovative, international, art program based on the idea of “play” and its essential role in the making of art and life. Starting point is the philosophy on “Homo Ludens”, by the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga.


playforPLACE is an original idea of the Greek choreographer Sofia Mavragani who visits different cities and creates together with local artists and residents playful interventions. Local characteristics become the material for new games and cities get transformed into unconventional game boards.Gaming becomes an indispensable artistic tool, which invites us to revisit daily practices from a brand new perspective.

After editions in Athens, Istanbul, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Lefkosia, Trikala, Corfu, Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Graz, Reykjavik, Belgrade, Wellington, Zagreb, Sevilla, Porto, playforPLACE travels in Marrakech.


The workshop:

• applies the characteristics of play in all phases of research and creation

• explores the features of a playful body and the way in which the terms of the game become conditions for a creative performance

• encourages the development of personal ideas and puts to the test of strategies for a dynamic choreographic composition

• stimulates creativity and imagination, and enhances performing and physical skills through the diversity of participants and the subversion of expected practices

• provides practical answers to the possibility of cooperation between people who share the same love and explores the way in which a playful and subversive collaboration maximizes the performance resultThe results of the workshop will lead to a presentation open to the public.


PlayfoMARRAKECH is addressed to professionals, students, performing artists and amateurs, residents and visitors of MARRAKECH.


Information and enrolments:

*with the Kind support of THE J. F. COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION

play for MARRAKECH
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