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Sara Kerr is an artist and philosopher who is very interested in temporality. Specifically, she is interested in how the devices that we use to measure time actually work and how they fail us. Why is clock time so different from lived and experienced time? Why do some moments feels so long and others, so short? What is nostalgia? Why does capitalism (or post capitalist society) thrive on speed? How do we slow down? These are some of the things that Sara will be thinking about and exploring at Queens Collective...

Born in Australia, Sara received her BA with honors in philosophy from The University of Melbourne. In 2008 she moved to California to study philosophy at Stanford University. She received an MA in philosophy from Stanford and then completed an MFA, with a focus on photography and installation, at Mills College in Oakland. Sara nows calls San Francisco home. Her work has been exhibited at a variety of galleries in California including: The Headlands Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, YBCA, Root Division, Incline Gallery, Alter Space, Ramon’s Tailors and CTRL SHFT.  Sara was the recipient of the Jay DeFeo prize and she was awarded a graduate fellowship from the Headlands Center for the Arts. 

When Sara isn't teaching art, she is in her new studio at The Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco.

Sara Kerr

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