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Rhombie Sandoval

Rhombie Sandoval grew up in Southern California and received her BFA from Art Center College of Design. She uses the medium of photography to share the stories of others. Her practice revolves around spending a significant amount of time in a given location, to capture the characters within a community. Her work centers on pairing portraiture and storytelling to promote the stories of her subjects. Heavily inspired by travel her photographs depict her process of learning about a location through those who call it home. 

She founded Anywhere Blvd, a project which promotes the work of portrait photographers. Her mission is to shatter the word Stranger by creating a space that promotes the stories of us. 

Using a medium format camera I explore Marrakech and the surrounding communities to document my encounters with those I meet. As someone living in a foreign land my project focuses on making a portrait of place through those who know it best. Immersing myself within a community over time to work towards the transition away from tourist. I collect a wide range of stories to display an opportunity for connection with one another despite differences in background, race, and personal beliefs.

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