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Kate Nickel

   Striving for perfection knowing it is an impossible feat. The desire for it

and the satisfaction and comfort of knowing it is unattainable. Finding

perfection in the inconsistencies and discrepancies  of life. The sun is

constantly rising and setting simultaneously in different places, it is

timeless, but always moving and changing. The most incredible things in

life cannot be explained in facts. We can only do our best to be aware of

them and be open to inspiration. This is what connects art to this life. That is why it is important to have a clear mind. 

    The beauty of the world should be seen by all people. It is easy to become too busy to notice the beauty and perfection around us all the time. Awareness of beauty creates the possibility of having an inspiration. 


    “If we give life the credit for our expression we are alright, but if we take credit ourselves saying that it is personal expression we are in defiance of life.” -Agnes Martin


    Art is something in our minds that is a mystery that makes perfect sense. The ability to connect with people in one or more of these ways is the goal: vulnerability, humility, perfection, inspiration, truth and beauty. it is not our duty to make sure other people are aware of these things. It is only our duty to be aware of inspiration and translate that into work that is beautiful so that it can be available to anyone who wants to see it.

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