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Ishmael Claxton

Ishmael has been photographing now for the past seven years. His work combines elements from his academic,personal and professional background in Mathematics, Art History, creative installations and

costumes design. He weaves his influences together out of various movements including Surrealism, Pop Art, Italian Futurist, and Afro Futurist which give a unique form to his vision and results in works that are both colorful and spiritual, with surrealist undertones.


He uses his art as a means of political expression, exploring themes such as race, gender, politics, finding or creating moments, and discovering harmony and balance within images. He uses newer styles as well as old, in addition to layers of both film and digital photographer and printing. He is particularly inspired by, among others, Irving Penn, Cindy Sherman, Erwin Blumenfeld and Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Working on various series he incorporates several different forms of photography to tell a stories such Using a mix of influences, skills, imagination, and inspired by as (migration project, dealing with current migration in Europe).

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