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Irfan Ahmed

Irfan embarks on creative journeys with his pen, capturing life and
its intricacies through language.  Occasionally he endeavors to capture
visual moments through his camera. It is the art of telling stories that has
always fascinated him.
Finally heeding the call of the Muses he left his software engineering
career behind to explore a world suffused with art. The purpose of art, for him, is aesthetic as well as political. It should capture the essence of the sublime as well
as challenge the precepts of the viewer, addressing topics and ideas missing in the public domain.
Nostalgic for classic literature of old, and intrigued and influenced by magic realism he attempts to create rich stories composed of elegant and eloquent prose.
The stories he tells range a wide array of topics unimpeded by the limiting categorization of genres; from stories of love and loss, of memories, of perception, existentialism, coming-of-age, or technological advancement to name a few.
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