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Eugene Golubitskiy

Free Flow explores dance as a metaphor for the constant motion of the Universe. If God is the DJ and Life the dance floor, dance is an act of surrender to the Universe. We have little power to control the music, yet in trusting in our ability to find our flow no matter the beat, we learn how to respond to Life no matter the circumstances. In so doing, we become co-creators with the divine; the dance floor takes on the shape of its dancers, and the DJ responds in choosing the next track.


Just as the Universe goes through cycles of expansion and contraction, our dance is one of light and shadow, of bliss and sorrow, of agony and ecstasy. As we learn to embrace all parts of ourselves, we rediscover our wholeness and heal the wounds of splitting and separation. Inspired by the Sufi mystical tradition, movement meditation practice and the contemporary electronic music/festival scene, Free Flow is equal parts spiritual practice and emotional release.

After co-founding Free Flow in Stockholm in 2016, Eugene is thrilled to be facilitating this journey in Marrakesh in 2018.

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