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exchange and research residency program Matadero//QUEENS

How to talk about the unmentionable - artistic strategies for addressing gender issues

the selected artists for the Matadero // Queens residency 2018 are
Iria Gámez Couso (ES), Zaineb El Fasiki (MA), Rafael Perez Evans (ES) and Noureddine Ezarraf (MA)
Residency of spanish artists at Queens Collective, Marrakesh, Morocco from 19 March to 30 April 2018.
Residency of the moroccan artists at Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain from 21 May to 30 June 2018.
about the residency

This reseach residency is designed for two Moroccan and two Spanish artists and/or researchers.

This program between Matadero Madrid and Queens Collective Marrakech sets out to create new conditions, relationships and positions concerning creation and research into gender issues, from which to produce, both inside and outside the established artistic circuits.

One of the specific objectives of this call is to share reflections, perspectives and strategies for artistic creation on gender-based themes in two specific contexts: Morocco and Spain.

More specifically, this call poses artists a question: What strategies can the language of art offer to talk about the unmentionable side of gender issues?

Zainab Fasiki is a comics artist, mechanical engineer and a feminist. she draws illustrations and books about gender democracy and leads art residencies /WOMEN POWER/ to encourage more girls in art fields in Morocco and teaches art and feminism in workshops. She uses also her engineering skills as a DIY maker in fablabs and fetsivals to make interactive electronic installations. Zainab aims to show the world that women can make wonders as men and all genders can live in peace in this world.
Noureddine Ezarraf : I live and work in the amazigh medieval town of Aghmat (Morocco). My work comprises of photography, performance, installation, drawing and experimental texts. I consider art and aesthetics as a strategic space for raising questions and quiet protests.
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