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Zaida Guerrero Casado

Zaida Guerrero Casado is an installation artist. Her art practice has developed into time and site-specific works that look for a direct interaction with the visitor. None of her works has been repeated neither they exist anymore.
She has often reflected on inner and outside relations and uses personal but also more general experiences to reflect on topics like barriers, borders, communication and self-reflection.


Zaida is interested in creating a dialog, she wants visitors or interlocutors to embody an experience and encourages them to look at themselves, to interact, take decisions and even take ownership of the work.

Zaida has studied Fine Arts in Spain, Switzerland and Germany. In 2017 she also finished a master’s degree in the installation field in the HGB in Leipzig.

Her work has been exhibited in several cities such as Stuttgart, Ljubljana, Copenhagen, Berlin and lately in Hong Kong.

She is currently working on a project consisting on a serial of exhibitions under the tittle: “Where you begin and where I end” focused on the intersection points or spaces in which we meet.

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