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Ruth Elizabeth Barry

Ruth is a Dublin based artist - born and bred, raised by culturally open-minded parents in a contrasting time of strong Catholicism in Ireland.

She has been working in areas of multimedia art, including painting, sculpture and video and as well as production design for films. Ruth has also recently taken up amateur analogue photography, which allows for new ways to capture and deepen the studies of her subjects.

As an activist in pursuit of a deeper wisdom of the meaning of existence, common themes through Ruth’s work address pressing human issues such as feminism and vulnerability, objectification, capitalism and consumerism.

With personal and academic interests in languages, classical studies and art history, science and philosophy her work draws on a diverse range of subjects and perspectives.

In her representational work she uses realism in her approach, examining her subjects’ elements through both physical and thematic deconstruction. Piecing together again an intuitive message of our world through surrealism and using colour in a playful and psychedelic way when painting.

In trying to capture the essence of her subject she will view it from the most direct and engaging angles, highlighting its vulnerability. Often her work in both 2D and 3D forms, will break an object down to its simplest observational lines and shapes, which portray comedic or grotesque insights. Rather than taking a dark or dismal view on tough subjects her work often reflects difficult topics with light humour and colour. 

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