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Minimal Orange performance by Laura Tack


is the last of the performance series during the Queens Residence at

Priscilla Queen of the Medina

Everyone is invited to be part of a 12 HOUR LONG journey at Priscilla

A composition marked by the use of repetitive movements, slow harmonic rhythm and canons, sculpting soundscapes, strokes of savage paints and rooted improvisation

An oceanic experience, ebb and flow where everything and everyone, every particle becomes part

BRING instruments, paint, costumes, friends, snacks, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BRING


You are welcome to come and go at ANY TIME

But of course it is HIGHLY recommended to experience a 12 hour long journey all together at Priscilla.There will be water coffee and bananas



The work has now become a determination which

makes everything just stay the same.A response to this

is to bring back the chaos.

Letting go of the work deliberately withdrawing from

both the physical and conceptual process of creationso

that the work can take on a life on their own.

following nature to take over the creative process.

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