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We are
always longing to speak to our inherent need 
to seek our core
to harvest our seed in fruitful soil
not depending on factions but finding our own
the attempt towards the understanding of the rooted seed
can only strive within the inner self
I tiptoe within reasoning the condition of it own experience,
in a constant struggle within our foundations, 
our forgotten beginnings
Investigating without boundaries
Questioning all received knowledge
which derives from our ancestors
the need to engage the fundamental reason 
for human existence
at the same time embracing the tragedy which lays bare 
in the ignorance of our beginnings
embracing the darkness inside the light
Im trying to recreate which has been lost
to highlight that which already exists, has always been, and will remain.
and this can only be given through images and materials 
who are in a constant dialogue within themselves
only as a metaphoric connection
abstraction stirs deep in the nature of existence and the individual
and at the same time penetrates with golden arrows 
in a kind of spiritual silence
an approach to the concept of the sublime,
gazing towards a space where chaos becomes order and order becomes chaos
an attempt to grasp the whole
my attempt to connect with the vastness in time of a beginning or the end 
between hither and yon
as creation and destruction are one in the same

I, as a painter, depict both the pains and joys
of seeking out and growing closer to our roots.


Laura Tack

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