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Kamilla Gylfadóttir

Working with images and text, moving and still, own and found. Intuitively experiencing, collecting and preserving for later mixing. Exploring boundaries on borders of documentary and fiction. Studied photography in Denmark and filmmaking in Sarajevo. Now mostly focusing on the collaborative project muskomusko.

muskomusko Is an art collective conceived by Kamilla Gylfadóttir and Roberto Vertieri after working in a film factory in Sarajevo. Occupied with different ways of making images move and different methods of dealing with existence. Currently researching ways of using the body to go beyond the body, as well as music as a way of mass control, language as a spiritual practise and drag as therapy. 

Obsessed with the mythical and the extraterrestrial as a way of dealing with modernity and have as a final destination to make a feature length scifi picture based on the Enuma Elish. Until then they go around recording sufi dhikrs and undiscovered pyramids. 


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