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Julie & Marie


We know each other for a very long time and really became friends during the high school where we both learning history of arts and animated a circus-theater workshop together.
After that and a first travel experience together in Montreal, we studied and moved, separately, from different fine arts schools every year until we went together at fine arts school of Reunion Island, in 2014, where our artistic collaboration started.

Our work, interest and reflections in art concern moving, interact with the others/the space/an object, performance, installation, the place/role of publics, the amateur practice.
We attach importance to the accessibility of art, to art which is not only in the museums but also in the city.

Our environment is really important for us, it influences us, we work directly with it, as a material. We move a lot, like to travel and discover, and it’s really important for us to create in interaction, reaction with where we are and what surrounds us. And, as we work about moving, it is essential for us to move geographically and toward places we don’t know a lot and which attract us.

From then on, going in another country than France for a residency is not an accessory but a real choice.

moving. discovering. interacting. reacting

We don’t know what we are going to discover, to feel, what is going to catch our attention and to serve us as material, but it pertains to experience more than material.

After her DNAP (National Diploma of Fine Arts), Julie followed a master in Cultural Development Strategy in Avignon and since, she has several experiences as communication manager for various cultural structures in Marseille, in the fields of contemporary dance or musical creation.

Marie studied for 4 years in fine arts schools and now she dedicates herself to various projects with always an artistic and in situ dimension and which mixes peoples from different disciplines. She is also still moving a lot, to taking parts to amateur practices or emancipated spectators for shows and, thus, gives substance to her questionings in art.

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