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Emma Jaay

Emma grew up in Hong Kong, finishing her schooling in Australia before moving to China.

There she began to make films, with the idea of trying to capture the change and transience

of the city of Beijing and its residents. 

She then moved to Sarajevo to study at Bela Tarr's film.factory.

There she collaborated with fellow students from around the world, questioning together

how to use the camera in an empathetic way, how to be free in what a film can be,

how to make work that is honest, and very located in a place where you are foreign. 

Her work is mostly concerned with spaces, and how the individual interacts with the idea of place.

The way movement within and ownership of a space fluctuates; the way identity is linked, or not linked, to places and spaces, both real and imagined; the way the symbiotic relationship between the rhythm of a place and the individuals of which it is made up creates loops and patterns.

Within this her films also respond to the spaces created by, or left for, women, and how these spaces are controlled, manipulated and inverted.

She is also investigating the use her own films as a way to create spaces for women.

She is, for now, based in Italy.

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