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Eliza Goldox is a contemporary artist and cultural operator active currently in Berlin, Germany. Goldox’s work is known for uniquely dealing with 21st-century post- modern life. Themes of her projects are moving around unconscious collective behaviour at the interface between virtual and real sphere and its related power structures, transcendent identities and psychological effects.

Her practice includes a variety of media with the focus on moving image and new media tools. After an MA in Art&Design at Chelsea College in London Eliza Goldox has over the years realised projects at and in collaboration with various galleries and institutions across Europe and Africa, as Just Mad - residency and fair in Spain and Marrakech Biennale in Morocco.

With her operations with ZONA DYNAMIC on collective experiments and dynamics she received recognition through local and abroad actions. The initiative got awarded by the Berlin Senat with the Auszeichnung Künstlerischer Projekträume und Initiativen in 2017.

Eliza Goldox

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