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Recent recipient of AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture) Performing Arts Grant 2016 for her unique performance based process of storytelling 'LPP' (Live.Projection.Painting); Estabrak is an award winning Visual Artist & Film Maker based between London, UK and Muscat, Oman. She is originally from Iraq, born in Iran and raised in London, after having come to the UK with her family as a child refugee. Often lead by emotions, particular interest lies in honest approaches to silenced socio-political realities usually explored through progressive, multidisciplinary ways of storytelling.

the project:

'Tales of the Mother tongue' is a three part, multi-layered project initially created for the Marrakesh Biennial's 2016 Parallel Projects under the theme 'NOT NEW NOW'. Estabrak presented Part 01 of the project which has since toured to Muscat, Venice, Brighton and London.

It is a project which aims to draw attention to the continuous burial of female figures within a global history, one in which can be easily prominant within the MENA region. This project is based around female Warriors of Amazigh/Berber past, warriors like 'Kahena' who cannot be found in any history books but instead only in mythological books and through tales often recited within families oral histories.

The artist is now back in Morocco at the QUEENS collective to continue 'Tales of the Mother tongue:Part 02 & 03', supported by the Arab Funds for Arts and Culture (AFAC).  She will be presenting this project through her unique practice of storytelling called Live Projection Painting (LPP) where she paints a film to live - live.


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