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Chépas Collective

Chépas collective


Chépas is a young interdisciplinary collective balancing between art, architecture and urbanism. It was founded by an architect, Sebastiaan Willemen, and a visual artist, Lola Daels, trough a shared fascination with the margins of urbanism. Daily confrontations with urban failure and microcosms inside the macrocosms of the city lead to colorful urban interventions, which tend to draw attention to disused spaces or trigger citizens to reflect on the space they’re using.  


In their work they combine the poetic qualities of the artist with the pragmatic approach of the architect to come up with idiosyncratic but straightforward urban scenography’s, using series of plain daily, colorful objects. Chépas collective is operative from and in Brussels, Belgium



Founded by


Lola Daels

+32 485 52 61 04

Sebastiaan Willemen

+32 473 79 27 41


in 2015


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