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Annelieke Holland

Annelieke Holland is a performance artist from The Netherlands. After graduating from the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht where she received a Bachelors Degree in Performance Art, Annelieke co-ran the Skate Café, where she focused on the concept of community. The Skate Café was a former warehouse offering artists a chance to develop and show their work as well as a cultural meeting space for creatives to organise projects and events collectively without hierarchical structures.

As a performance artist, the work of Annelieke consists of various mediums and disciplines, depending on the concept. This often results in visual, physical and linguistic performances and installations. Sometimes careful and slow, sometimes chaotic and disruptive.


Annelieke is fascinated by the idea that a work is never finished. It's an ongoing process- in our attempt to create something, we will stray from our path and find ourselves somewhere else, in a place we couldn't have imagined before. This leads to redirection into new, unknown territories. Though always with a specific goal in mind, Annelieke treats her work as if it has its own will. A consciousness that is part of a dialogue of which she herself is merely a participant. This approach often leads to a conflict about who is in charge- a conflict that inevitably becomes part of her work and which gives it an autobiographical edge, but tells an universal story at the same time. 

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